And the Living Is Easy

It never fails. All winter long, I slumber away in my cozy neutral cocoon, singing sweet lullabies to oatmeal and flax, linen and greige. Then summer comes and I burst the bleep out, emerging in a crescendo of jazzy trumpets, reborn as a shining neon beacon. I'm not exactly sure how this magical transformation occurs, but as the sun gets brighter, I begin seeing everything as a giant sparkly rainbow of possibility. Perhaps it's the sudden uptick in Vitamin D, or maybe it's just because it's so damn gorgeous outside. Whatever. When summer comes, I (try to) slough off my grouchy, over analytical shell, and embrace the simple truth at the heart of Emerson's idea that beauty is its own excuse for being.

After that kind of introduction, you're probably expecting rubies and diamonds to fall out of the screen, but no.

It's just some buzzy good cheer from Matthew Williamson's home, complete with a little shot of Bombay to kick start your Memorial Day weekend.

Because when summer comes, it's time to partay.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to tune in on Monday to see who won the horsey pillow giveaway! You did enter to win the free horsey pillow, didn't you????? If not, there's still time... enter HERE.