Anastasia Was Here

I'm not feeling so hot today. It could be because I have not slept well in a week. Or it could be that the aftershocks from Girls' Night Out are slapping me all up in the face. Either way... ugh. I am no condition to communicate with the world, and it's days like these that make me wonder why in the world anyone is reading my posts. Maybe it's because you often find yourself drawn to places you would never live. Maybe you enjoy playing pretend fantasy life party like I do. Maybe you want to talk about this house.

ad russia

When I was little, I told everyone my name was Anastasia. My mom was a bit confused by this revelation, but she didn't stop me from spreading the news far and wide that I was the long lost daughter of a Russia Tsar.

leopard wallpaper

I feel like this house suits my fantasy Russian Duchess perfectly.

Leopard wallpaper and all.

[AD Russia]