An Open Letter to Domino Magazine

Dear Domino, I consistently receive your magazine one month late.  My Holiday Gift Guide arrived, rather conveniently, on December 31st.  My Thanksgiving copy landed on my doorstep in early December and my October issue arrived just in time for Thanksgiving.  

I have contacted your customer service department, while the gentleman I spoke with was beyond nice, the issue remains unresolved.  He was sure it was a problem with my post office.  I can assure you it is not.  The address on my subscription is correct and has remained the same through the duration of my enrollment (it arrived in a timely manner for the first month or two).  I have subscriptions to 7 different shelter magazines and they all manage to arrive on time so I've ruled out postal sabotage as an option.

I do enjoy your magazine but, despite the fact that I have paid for 2 years in full, I am really only enjoying it online.  If this issue remains unresolved any longer, I will continue to only read the online version and will request a refund for the full subscription amount.