Acid Wasp Moodboardlets

First of all, we must come up with a new name for "moodboard," because that word has jazz hands. Utterly unacceptable. And since I have now spent so much time making virtual dioramas on the cracky addictive program Olioboard that dust has settled on my shoulders and my hair has grown Rapunzel long, the matter has become pressing and urgent. Internet, please be my Prince Charming and rescue me from this tower of dorkiness. So, let me just tell you that making moodboards IS ridiculous. It's like playing with a dollhouse on your computer. Wait -- that's AWESOME. Want to play, too? I thought so. Let me introduce you to the cast of characters and their zany spaces, which combine blue blooded traditional elements with a dose of magic mushroom tea.

This room is for the Estelle barbie. Estelle enjoys playing with her King Charles Cavalier spaniels, long walks in Central park, and drinking her martinis sans underwear a la Julienne Moore (be very sure you want to click that link...). She doesn't give a rat's ass what you think about that, either. Room highlights include a vintage sofa upholstered in psychedelic Jack Lenor Larsen fabric, Anthropologie rug, Ikea curtains, Soane lighting and chairs, 1st Dibs table.

This room is for Bunny. She dropped out of Wesleyan to start her own "merchandising firm" -- at least that's what she told Daddy. At night she smokes pot and eats a box of pastel macarons while watching Craig and Smokey attempt to outwit Big Worm in Friday. Room highlights include art by Eileen Quinlan, Overstock Aubusson rug, Ikea curtains, Soane lighting and chairs, 1st Dibs coffee table.

This room is for Lila. She loves to host key parties for her neighbors in Aspen. It's kind of an Eyes Wide Shut situation, so I probably shouldn't say any more, except that the trunk provides excellent storage. Room highlights include a Marimekko tapestry, Anthropologie rug, Ikea curtains, wallpaper by Manuel Canovas, chairs and pillows by Layla Grace, lighting by Soane, and a leather 1st Dibs coffee table.

Ok playas, I'm really busy today with a laundry list of things to do (some of which may or may not include moodboardzing) so that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed play time with me.

Check ya later.