A Giveaway to Dine For

As Erin mentioned yesterday, next week we will be posting our world famous holiday gift guide.  Yep, 5 full days of non-stop recommended shopping action.  It's going to be massive.  In preparation for our extravaganza, I suggest you take note of the two shopping rules I live by:  1.  Never shop on an empty stomach and 2.  Always get something for yourself. In preparation for the e-commerce bloodbath, The Inglenook Decor is making sure you can check rules one and two off your to-do list.  The lovely ladies that run Inglenook contacted Erin and I offering up holiday plates for your dining, self keeping and overall holiday pleasure.

You dudes know the drill:  swoon, comment, and maybe maybe win.  La random number generator will pick a winner next monday and I'll contact you via email on Tuesday.

The winner gets his or her choice of either of these two lovely holiday plate sets:

Option 1:  Haute Holiday Dessert Plates, set of four* plates in a lovely gift box

*sorry, I had originally posted that there were nine plates but I was mistaken... the plates are 9" wide and come in a set of 4 :)

Option 2: Four Calling Bird Dessert Plates with 24 karat GOLD!!!!!!  Have I reminded you lately how I love gold?  Le sigh!  These babies come in a set of four.

If you just can't wait until we post our guide next week to get your holiday shop on, perhaps you could cross a few names off your list with any of these gems from the Inglenook (note, these items are NOT part of the give away, I just feel like showing them to you.  So there)

Clockwise from top:

Gold Leaf Metal Birds Nest With Silver Spoon, $26.00

Amelie Luster Glasses, Set of 6, $36.50

Brown Shanghai Links Needlepoint Pillow, $53.50

Avocado Bamboo Pillow, $77.50

Ok everyone, start your engines... Pick a plate set and leave a comment and hopefully all your holiday wishes will come true.