catalogue collage

Hello fellow Design Crisis followers, it's Melody of me melodia. I am so pleased to be doing a tiny guest spot here. You design savvy, forward thinking hussies are fantastic. I kinda racked my brain on what to focus on while I stood on this design crisis soap box. I scoured through my unattended magazines and furniture catalogs for some kind of inspiration. Then I came to the realization that I have way too many unread wallpaper, simpleliving, believer, good and martha's lying around. Keeping up with the goin'ons is not easy. Currently our office and my night stand have piles of dogeared magazines.

Books Stacked (Pottery Barn Spring 2006). Collage on paper, gouache, graphite.
Then voilà I came across the work of Leslie Mutchler and her cleaver catalog collages . When I spotted these I immediately had an I should have thought of that moment. What a great way to make creative use of those read and used catalogs we all have lying around.  





Untitled (Brown Drawers). 2005. Collage on paper.  

White Storage (Pottery Barn Spring 2006)

Baskets (Pottery Barn Spring 2006).
Black Storage (Pottery Barn Spring 2006).
White Storage (West Elm Spring 2006). Collage on paper, color pencil.
Black Storage (West Elm Spring 2006). Collage on paper, color pencil, graphite.
Brown Storage (Crate & Barrel Spring 2006). Collage on paper, color pencil.
Do you have cute makeshift magazine tables? Or are you like me and bordering the brink of being a hoarder?