Fashion Slumber Party

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret:  I kinda hate shopping for clothes.  My mother will contest this, but I promise, as I get older I get more and more frustrated with sifting through racks, trying things on and trying to worry about what's in style - and in my budget.  I'd much rather spend my money on my home and run around town in jeans and a tank top with little fuss.  I even find myself rolling my eyes at the kids in their fancy get ups, a sure sign that I'm not only a frustrated shopper, I'm fucking old.  So, yesterday, when our blog BFF, Raina, sent us a link to the hottest fashion hotel on the planet, I really wasn't sure if I could do it blog justice.  Afterall, it took me a minute to distinguish this hotel's brand, Moshchino, from that other fashion line with the long Italian word that starts with an M, Mossimo.  Yes, the target brand, that is how lame my fashion radar is.  But, knowing that Target would never ever ever be able to put out something this cool, no matter how many Isaac Mizrahis* and Anna Suis they threw on the design fire, I figured it out. *annoying

So, without further ado, I give you computer generated images (almost as annoying as Mizrahi) of Maison Maschino, due to open any darn day now in Milan

Can any of you look at this picture and not think American Beauty?

Sorry for the small pic, it's the best they had on their site.  I really wish that teacup were a bathtub, not a table.

I don't love these lamps, they seem a little corny, but I guess it works for a fashion hotel.  I really like the headboard fashion twist better.  Also, while I'm complaining, can't they at least get cooler stands?  That carved wood is janky.  Mama don't like.

This, unfortunately, is not a room in their hotel, just a picture on their site.  But if it isn't the most preciousest dang thing you ever done did see then I just don't know what is.