You Make Life Worth Living, Etc.

Wow, it has been quite a week here!  Between meeting Sanders, an illicit yacht party and my trip to Albuquerque, I'm just plum tuckered out.  So, what do you get out of this?  Why, my favorite thing to show you after a vaca:  select scans from my inflight reading material.  Yesterday's inbound trip kept me filled with colorful glee vis-a-vis the fine pages of Living etc.  Ici:

The stairwell in a Montauk Island Beach home.

Yes, yes, that blue is not nearly exciting as the shades we've been drooling over this week, but get a load of this close-up:

Pool Pushers, photograph by Anthony Goicolea

A perfect portrait for a beach home or for my dining room, whateves.  Have I ever mentioned how much I like swimming?  AND staged photography?  I really, really love staged photography.  I want to marry it.

If you execute an art heist at this Long Island home and find yourself a little weary from throwing bricks and climbing in windows, you can take a nap here:

See how that ceiling-mounted wallpaper lovingly rocks you to sleep and whisks away all your worries about pesky little things like:  "impending prison sentences" and "failing polygraphs"

Yep, no need to worry, I'm sure the federal guards will let you decorate your cell just like this:

Are you dudes getting the full effect of that high-gloss white vinyl headboard? Dreamy, right?  It's eerily similar to the one I plan to make for my own bedroom.  I will invite you all over to drool over it once it is completed.  Through bullet-proof glass, of course.  I saw how you were eyeing the paintings in the first photo.

Speaking of paintings, I'll let you have these (take them!  get them away!) but I'll be keeping the mirror, thankyouverymuch:

What do we think of a red bathroom?  How do you envision the shower in this joint?  Is it tile?  Red tile?  I just don't even know.  Help me out here.

Also in this issue were a couple more scan-worthy visions from other homes:

STICKER WALL!!!  It's like a car covered in bumper stickers, only not stupid and annoying.

and finally:

A nice place for me to rest over the weekend.  Schew, I'm oh so sleepy after all this hard work Erin and I have done on your behalf this week, I feel like I really do deserve this entire room all to myself.  For free.