100 MPH Art Post

Ok kids, I have exactly one hour to write a blog post, make dinner for 6, and update some graphics files for a client that need to go to print tomorrow.  With that in mind, you dudes are getting (very) pretty pictures and not much else.  Since my husband is in the garage putting the finishing touches on our brand new bed that he's made for our room (note:  not cooking dinner or updating graphics files), and now I'm moving on to picking out artwork, I thought I would pull images from my "random art" inspiration folder to share with you.  I'm hoping to find, for $20 or less*, a large, bright piece of artwork to hang over our bed that resembles the following *a girl can dream, right?

I'm sorry that I did not include any sources, I honestly don't have time to hunt them down.  If you would like to know the origin of anything shown in today's post, please leave a note in the comments and I'll be more than happy to share the artist / source info