Le whoa. It has been one wild ride around here. We finished up the details for our kitchen remodel in the nick of time... we were up until 1 am painting and cleaning the night before the shoot, and working around the electrician the day of. BUT WE ARE DONE, HALLELUJAH! Before I get around to the good stuff, let me first thank our wonderful media sponsor House Beautiful and also our lovely host Linda Weinstein of Calling it Home. She is The One Room Challenge, and I owe her a debt of gratitude for the invitation and the motivation. 

And now... I hope you have some snacks and canteens on hand because this is going to be a LONG post full of big juicy pictures that show every angle. Let's do this.

Fisher and Paykel integrated appliances chevron floors and antique turkish rug

Ta da! I have running water, working electricity, gas, and a dishwasher. I'M SO HAPPY. 

Built in banquette and vintage Pierre Cardin chandelier

We even have a place to sit and eat together that is not a coffee table. 

Walnut and white custom cabinets with chevron floors and an integrated refrigerator

The hutch and pantry are stocked with delicacies like mustard and mayonnaise... I may need to work on that.

Brass threshold transition strip from white oak wood floors to chevron floors. Bookcases matched to paint. Farrow and Ball Wimborne White.

One can walk into the kitchen from the living room, it's amazing!

I am just soooooooo excited to not be living in a construction zone anymore. Everything else is gravy. 

Speaking of gravy:

Benjamin Moore Dragons Breath paint with a Jack Larsen sofa and leopard rug. Vintage brass Italian chandelier and bamboo blinds.

Our old dinky dining area has become everyone's favorite spot thanks to new floors, this fab vintage sofa from Gillian Bryce Fine Art, and the leopard rug from our demolished teal room (RIP, sweet lover). The pillows are new -- the rust and pink fabrics are from Fabricut and white dhurri pillow is from Candelabra -- but most other decor is recycled. That crazy chandelier has been gathering dust in the garage for a year. Waste not, want not, right?

Dark and moody den with pattern on pattern sectional and Metrie door.

Look at that beautiful cased entry! I know our modest Tudor house ain't the ritz, but for crying out loud openings in formal type homes should be cased. Hard stop. So we fixed that problem, and we added a new True Craft door from Metrie to boot. This is the only visible door downstairs and swapping it for a simple solid beauty made a HUGE difference. Likewise, the switches by Legrand from Bellacor are a game changer. I despise switches and plugs but these are super nice -- discreet yet possessing nice weighty "thingness" -- and I will be using them from now on. 

Benjamin Moore Dragons Breath paint with vintage 70s op art painting and switches by Legrand. Yellow tulips and brass West Elm lamp.

So this was supposed to be a boys' study room but somehow it became martinis in Mom's psychedelic Victorian parlor. We still managed to squeeze a little vintage desk in here, and how about that hard edge art??! It's glamazing, and it's also from my bff Gillian Bryce. She's my one stop vintage and art shop, and I can't believe she's still speaking to me after how much I have pestered her throughout this ordeal.

Dark den and bright kitchen

Here's the wall opposite the bay windows. It's a teeny room, but now it feels cozy and purposeful. 

Brass threshold transition strip from white oak wood floors to chevron porcelain floors. Antique vintage Turkish rug.

Did you notice my sweet brass transition strips? I think they make both floors look better, but I am a little biased and might have an entire floor made of brass if it wouldn't cost a fortune. PS it is hard to tell what the chevron floors from Stone Source look like in some pictures, but I think this is pretty accurate. They are beige with lots of variation. I am hoping every single glob of jelly won't show up, but I'm also hoping to win the lottery and I haven't entered yet.

Ok, we're making a loop around this part of the house and find ourselves back to the kitchen. Let's deep dive into the details.

Farrow and Ball Peignoir paint with Kohler bridge faucet and relaxed roman shades by the shade store. Bright kitchen with caesarstone Fresh Concrete counters.

Here we have the lovely Kohler Deerfield low divide sink in Dune and Kohler's Parq bridge faucet in polished nickel. The extra button you see there is an air switch for the disposal. Light fixture is by Hudson Valley from Bellacor. Speaking of light, the paint color is Farrow and Ball Peignoir and it's very elusive... I tried to match all the images but it was impossible. Depending on the light it can be purple, pink, brown or gray.

Farrow and Ball Peignor paint in kitchen with Caesarstone Fresh Concrete counters. 

The relaxed roman shades are in Lannister Sheer fabric from The Shade Store, and the sheer drapes by the banquette are in the same fabric, also by The Shade Store. The art is a vintage Martin Sumers watercolor from Gillian Bryce. She's the best. Counters are Caesarstone Fresh Concrete and I LOVE.

Integrated Fisher and Paykel refrigerator and dishwasher. Custom white cabinets with quartersawn walnut casing.

Check out my stealth appliances from Fisher and Paykel. Everyone keeps asking where the dishwasher is, because it's two drawers. So far we have run it every night and only used the top drawer, so it's environmentally friendly and our dishes are not stinky. And, in refrigerator news I am not hip enough to stock it with leafy organics, so please feast your eyes on mayonnaise and topo chico. Priorities!

Built in custom hutch with white cabinets in Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl paint and walnut casing.

I'm circling back to the built in hutch, now artfully decorated with ornamental cabbages and our new everyday sculptured dinnerware from Candelabra. Our old plates were chipped to pieces, so these are definitely a welcome addition. 

Custom white cabinets and walnut butcherblock counters with hardware by Top Knobs in a sable finish. Built in hutch.

The microwave is tucked into a cabinet and someday I will move our ugly old toaster oven into this space, but for now I am enjoying the still pristine walnut counters. The paint grade and quartersawn walnut cabinetry was fabricated by Llamas Custom Cabinets, and the hardware is from Top Knobs' Mercer collection supplied by The Mine

Kitchen remodel with chevron floors built in banquette walnut cabinets and modern appliances.

Here's a shot to show you how everything relates. I am pretty happy with the floorplan we agonized over. The hutch feels functional but not too imposing, and there is plenty of space to move around but not so much that you feel like you're running all over the place. And of course everything looks better with a fabulous antique Kars rug from Black Sheep Unique. It was hard to pick a favorite from their beautiful wares.

Custom brass chevron range hood with chevron floors and caesarstone counters. Corner window with built in oven and flush mount cooktop.

Let's talk about this hood for a hot minute. I knew I had to have a free standing hood because the corner window did not allow me to disguise ventilation in decorative soffits/corbels/cabinetry -- basically I had no trick cards to play. And I really didn't want shelves in my face while prepping, so the hood had to be AMAZING since it would be the only thing on the wall. Enter Brian Chilton, who made this gorgeous hood out of a million tiny rods of metal welded into a chevron point to match up with my floor. It's inspired by straw marquetry and it looks like fabric in person. I mean... metal that looks like fabric! Brian is so talented. 

Also please note my awesome head vase reporting for utensil duty. I got it from 214 Modern Vintage, aka the coolest place at High Point.

Custom chevron range hood with walnut cabinets caesarstone Fresh Concrete waterfall counters and sheer traverse drapes by the Shade Store. Full kitchen remodel.

The surround is fitted out with a Fisher and Paykel ventilation insert, and it's powerful. Since we literally JUST FINISHED the kitchen, I have yet to cook a meal with the beautiful new 36" gas cooktop and wall oven, also by Fisher and Paykel, but I am hoping to wrap this post up and cook tonight [Update, still writing but Ben is cooking -- even better!]. I will report back soon on the functionality for all you foodies out there, but I can tell you now everything is just as sleek and beautiful as I had hoped it would be.

Built in banquette with Saarinen style tulip table with a walnut top vintage Brass fringe Pierre Cardin chandelier and hand sconces. Abstract art by Nancy Lee.

Getting close to the end here, so we must discuss the banquette situation. As you may recall, we went back and forth on whether to keep the entry off the foyer open or closed. We finally decided that closing it in would give us more space for dining, and as this is our only dining space we felt the need to max it out. I think it was a good call -- it's super long but very plush and feels comfortable as well as easy to access.

Custom built in banquette with S. Harris fabric Pierre Cardin vintage brass fringe chandelier CB2 lacquer chairs and abstract art by Nancy Lee.

The table is by Nuevo from The Mine, chairs are by CB2, and the ultra mega sexxxy chandelier is vintage Pierre Cardin from City Issue Vintage in Atlanta. Thank you, Justin Wiles!

Vintage brass Pierre Cardin fringe chandelier and abstract art by Nancy Lee

Banquette fabric is by S. Harris from Fabricut and it was upholstered by VMC Upholstery. The pillows are a mix of S. Harris, vintage, and Clarence House, all sewn by the amazing Dian Sierra of Allred Leather Company. Sconces are vintage Arbus, and the art is Nancy Lee from Gillian Bryce Fine Art.

CB2 Makan chairs with walnut tulip table and custom banquette with Fabricut fabric. Vintage brass fringe Pierre Cardin chandelier and art by Nancy Lee. Arbus hand sconces.

On the flip side of the banquette wall, we still have a fresh new wall in the foyer with no paint or paper and the giant Victorian backdrop is towering over everything. But since the existing wallpaper is pretty much wrecked I finally committed to a piece of art and put a nail it already.

Martin Sumers painting and Neisha Crosland zebra wallpaper. Tone on tone

The beautiful Martin Sumers painting is from... (it's getting comical) Gillian Bryce. Someday I will find new paper and fix up this space, but right now I'm taking a break and this is not too shabby, right?

And that, my friends, is the whole shebang! Let's not forget how we started out this ginormous endeavor. Behold the before:


And the after:


It's a little different, no big deal.

To commemorate this momentous occasion I asked my friend and photographer Cathlin McCullough to shoot family portraits in our new environment, because we haven't had family pictures taken since Luke was crawling (so embarrassing). But of course I didn't want normal portraits taken, because I am broken inside. So we devised a crazy plan to stage something fantastical... and well, you'll just have to take a look and see what happened.


I'm kind of blown away! I hate having my picture taken but Cathlin and her team made it so much fun. HIRE HER NOW!

And finally, finally, finally... I must say thank you to some amazing people. I linked to all my sources and our incredibly generous sponsors in the post (please email me if you want more info!), but there was a ton of labor involved in this project and there were many people I leaned on. It was a lot to take on in a short time, and these people made it happen for me.

Contractor: Carl Dixon of Total Performance Construction (best framing crew EVER)

Drafting and my #1 sounding board: Lindsay Hanson

Art and vintage sourcing, because I can't buy everything new: Gillian Bryce Fine Art

Interior Styling: Kristin Laing Designs

Upholstery in a hurry: VMC Upholstery

Pillow seamstress with the mostest: Allred Leather Company

People who should hate me but somehow don't: Ben, Jack, Mary, Ike and Luke Roy (family love)

All interior photographs are by me Erin Williamson. Interior styling by Kristin Laing. All portraits are by Cathlin McCullough Photography. Wardrobe styling by Jen McDonald, photo assist by Rachelle Bendixen.

It takes a village, my friends. Believe it. 

And now, hopefully I didn't wear you out because you must see what everyone else is up to!

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Hello, and welcome back for the penultimate week of the One Room Challenge. Our mission is simple (ha): spend six weeks remaking a room, or in my case a kitchen and an adjoining study. Special thanks to our host Linda of Calling it Home and to media sponsor House Beautiful for their support in this insane endeavor. If you haven't been following along, you can catch up on previous weeks HERE.

You guys. I am real tired. I have never lived without a kitchen whilst raising two small children and working full time and blogging about the lack of aforementioned kitchen. I knew I was taking on a lot when I signed on the dotted line but THIS IS SERIOUS. I need at least two more weeks!!!

erin williamson design | one room challenge

We moved this crazy vintage Jack Lenor Larsen sofa into the new study area for exactly five minutes to see if it would even fit, and my kids were so excited to see a soft surface without anything on it that zzzzzzzzz. Gillian Bryce (the most incredible art and vintage dealer and also most amazing person IN THE WORLD) sent it to me, and my husband is all like what?! about the pink and purple action, but it is stupid comfy and built like a tank. The lounge force is strong with this one.

erin williamson design

The floors are now in and the walls are painted all dark and moody like, so I'm hoping when we move that crazy sofa back in some magic will happen... you can see it lurking in the left side of the frame, just waiting to find its home. I would love to relocate our one and only tv that is rarely watched into this room so I can totally rearrange our great room. Because I need another project like a hole in my head.

erin williamson design | hudson valley

Meanwhile on the kitchen front, our Hudson Valley Halcyon sink fixture was installed. Thank you to Bellacor for furnishing this beauty! The metalwork was inspired by Josef Hoffmann and I am feeling very Vienna right now.

Perhaps you can tell from the background that the kitchen is not requisite white. It's Farrow and Ball Peignoir and it's so zen. Is it purple? Pink? Gray? Brown? it depends on the time of day. 

erin williamson design

Not the greatest picture but you can see a slice of the color here, and tada! My brand spanking new amazing Fisher and Paykel appliances are installed. Panels are arriving TOMORROW for the integrated fridge and double dishdrawer. That's right... it's two dishwasher drawers that can be operated independently, which I am super pumped to test drive. We try not to run our dishwasher when it's less than full, so this will save us from hoarding stinky dishes for days.

top knobs | erin williamson design

Cabinet hardware has been ordered, yay me. Thanks to The Mine for supplying some lovely options from Top Knobs' Mercer collection. They have a new finish called sable that is extra dreamy and nicely weighted. Can you guess which ones I chose? I have to confess I agonized about hardware for longer than a human should, but at the end I decided to keep it simple and architectural. Also the husband may or may not have had strong opinions on this. Weirdo.

erin williamson design

In furnishings news, the good folks at VMC Upholstery made a sample board of the banquette for me to approve channel size and tautness. The finished product will be all prettified and tight like a tiger. I love the teddy bear fuzziness of S. Harris' Medici on top and Trend's Faux Leather on bottom, both supplied by Fabricut. We chose super soft foam for the back to make it cozy and appealing because I have big plans to spread out while the children feed me grapes. Luckily that vinyl is wipeable.

nuevo echo table

We'll be paring that sexy softness with this rugged hunk of walnut by Nuevo -- a classic shape for a banquette table, no? The pedestal makes for easy access, and extra chairs can be pulled around in a pinch. Thanks to The Mine once again for for their generosity! Now, can someone please come put this together?

If you are following my Instagram, you caught this sneak peek of the brass transition we put in to divide the old oak flooring and new tile. This puzzle piece was giving me hives until I decided to stop trying to make either the wood or the tile work as a transition piece. When finished it will all be flush and grouted/puttied to perfection.

erin williamson design

Thanks to Austin's resident fabricator extraordinaire Brian Chilton for cutting and supplying these pieces. Brian is also making my extra fancy hood, which has been delivered and installed but I simply cannot show you yet because SUSPENSE.

Last but not least, when I say this has been a grueling experience I am grossly understating things. Thanks are due to many many people whom I will happily credit at reveal, but I have to acknowledge that none of this could have happened without our contractor Carl Dixon of Total Performance Construction. When I told him I wanted to do this super fast and super good for super cheap, he didn't laugh in my face. This process has not been without its hiccups and I am STILL agonizing about some of them, but he has been here every day and answered all of my 1000000 texts (I exceeded my million text limit this month). So... thank you, Carl.

erin williamson design

We like to debate about politics and we disagree about pretty much everything (I am right, obviously), but we are still friends and that's the way the world should be, by golly.

And that, dear readers, is it for this week. When next we see each other I will have a working kitchen and you will have beautifully photographed evidence of aforementioned working kitchen. Are you excited???

Wish me luck! And sleep. I'm going to need it. Until then, adieu and please go spy on everyone else's progress and report back!

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Hello! And welcome back for week four of the One Room Challenge, wherein I treat yo selves to a six week long dear diary of how my kitchen and adjoining study will be completely renovated, hopefully with all brain cells intact. Thank yous are due to our lovely host Linda of Calling it Home, and to our media sponsor House Beautiful for helping to make this happen. Catch up on previous weeks HERE.

You know that movie A Perfect Storm, where they are steering a tiny boat up a ginormous wave, and daring said huge wall of water to capsize their puny glued together stick shelter? I think that sums up week four. This ain't my first ORC rodeo and I knew week four would be hard, but it's still a bit shocking once you're climbing up that wave.

erin williamson design | one room challenge

Nevertheless, it is not a complete downward spiral towards a whirlpool of despair. A platform for the banquette I mentioned last week is built, and the important pieces have been dropped off to the upholsterer (bless you, VMC upholstery for rushing this through!!!). Bellacor is generously supplying the most fantastic Legrand switches and outlets, which you can see me testing against paint swatches. More about that later...

erin williamson design | one room challenge

Most joyously we have some base cabinets and counters and a sink! I am feeling pretty stressed that we don't have more cabinetry at this point, but the construction industry in Austin is crazy and everyone just has to wait patiently... Except I am on a tight deadline and I'm tired of living with a fridge in my living room and I'm teetering on toxic levels of deli meat build up. 

erin williamson design | one room challenge

Still, A SINK! AND COUNTERS! Ahhh it's so beautiful I could cry... I think I am crying. So, the counters are gorgeoussss Caesarstone Fresh Concrete. It's so pretty and matte and indestructible, which is great because wine. The sink is Kohler's Deerfield smart divide in the sexiest custom color called Dune. I could not love it more with the counters! We went with a low divide because I tend to have a dirty and clean side of the sink, and never the twain shall meet. But this is still low enough to wash big pots and pans.

Now if they could just hook this baby up to running water I think I'd crest that wave.

erin williamson design | one room challenge

A little Caesarstone waterfall (sea metaphors paying off) counter action at the end of the cabinet run. Oh yeah we did. Also the cans are in (apparently I need to straighten them, ahem) and that faint circle drawn on the ceiling represents future speaker homes. We plan to party in here... once the paper is gone, and we have electricity and running water and a refrigerator. Gah, we have a long way to go!

You are probably wondering what I plan for the backsplash. The answer to that is nothing. Behold:

lauren liess kitchen

This is Lauren Liess' beautiful kitchen and she has zero backsplash. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I read somewhere that she keeps a can of touch up paint under the sink for smudge repair, and I'm going to try it. I don't need anything behind my deep corner sink, and there isn't really a way to gracefully end a splash between the corner windows and the tall window. Plus there is already a lot of tile happening with the floors. I have a Plan B to deal with this if I hate it after six months, so don't worry about me too much.

erin williamson design | sanders gibbs

Speaking of paint, I am wrestling hard with the paint demon. The notorious Sanders P. Gibbs (SPG) came to help me. Am I painting this crazy room pink??? I am not a white wall person, but I want something airy and architectural. This is tough... I really love my dark moody walls but not in here.

erin williamson design | one room challenge

And speaking of dark moody walls, my little helpers transformed the new study space into a cozy corner. Primer first! Here's a sneak peek:

erin williamson design | benjamin moore dragons breath

I love dark paint and I cannot lie. The color is Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath, and it's kind of a greenish charcoal that looks muy fantastico with brass. Ps, this torchiere has been MVP during the renovation since we have zero electric in the kitchen and can only bring lighting in via extension cord. It's covered in plaster but is still the most glamorous work light ever.

erin williamson design |  the shade store

And finally, let's leave on a high note with my Shade Store order for fabby grown up window treatments. We use The Shade Store for our design projects often, so I was over the moon to find they are sponsoring this round of the ORC. I choose this ultra sheer fabric for relaxed romans at the corner window and minimalist ripple fold drapes at the tall window, paired with a roller shade for privacy. Can't let the neighbors see us dancing at night.

flack studio bathroom

Well, that's gorgeous. Maybe I should do the bathroom next? Just gotta get over that wave first. Bathroom by the fabulous Flack Studio.

Until next week, my friends. And please do see what progress the other designers have made this week!

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